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What we do

We can order cinema tickets with our smartphone and turn up the radiator at home with our iPads while we are stuck in traffic. Unbelievable that the world in which this is all possible is the same world in which hundreds of thousands of kids under five years old die every year from diarrhoea because the don’t have clean water or soap.
Hi-Gene is fed up! We are rolling up our sleeves and are addressing the root of the problem: clean water, soap, good sanitation and most importantly of all: knowledge about good hygiene. Because clean water carried in a filthy jerrycan will still make you ill.
Together with the NGO ICS we are starting a pilot in Kenya to form a sustainable hygiene chain in local communities, hospitals and schools. This way we can end this form of child mortality. This website explains how we are planning to achieve this.


Our approach

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Education about hygiene

Why is hygiene so important?


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Setting up local distribution/production of soap

Education about hygiene is one thing, but without soap…how do you fight bacteria?


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Cooperation with partners for clean water and sanitary fittings

Will Hi-Gene organize everything by itself?



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